Distiller SR: Innovating Smart Reviews with Trusted Evidence

Global Quality stands at the forefront as a world leader in AI-driven literature review automation and enterprise evidence management software. Renowned global research entities, encompassing 7 out of the top 10 leading pharmaceutical and medical device enterprises, rely on our software for generating transparent, audit-ready, and regulatory-compliant literature reviews.


In coordination with Distiller SR, our platform orchestrates and manages the entire literature review process, ensuring quicker, more precise, and cost-effective research delivery. Global Quality’s highly adaptable AI-infused workflow simplifies the entire lifecycle of literature reviews, empowering you to make well-informed decisions in evidence-based health policies, clinical practice guidelines, and regulatory submissions.

Empowering Your Literature Review Process at Every Stage with Advanced Solutions

Global Quality simplifies literature gathering, screening, and evaluation management through AI-driven and smart workflow automation. Leveraging Global Quality’s Distiller SR streamlines project management, ensuring clarity, audit readiness, and regulatory adherence across varied review types, from systematic and rapid to living reviews.

Review Cycle

Wider, Automated Literature Searches

Enhance search efficiency using Global Quality's collaborations with data suppliers like PubMed, automatic review enhancements, and AI-based duplicate identification and elimination.

PubMed Collaboration

Retrieve and import references directly from PubMed through DistillerSR's literature review software.

Automated Review Enhancements

Effortlessly import recently published references, ensuring constant updates for literature reviews via DistillerSR LitConnect.

Duplicate Identification

Identify and eliminate duplicate citations to avoid study duplication, preventing potential bias in included studies.

Accelerated and Efficient Reference Screening

Mitigate screening efforts by 60% through Global Quality's DistillerSR. Fasten progress to later review stages by expediting reference discovery and facilitating conflict resolution.

AI-Enhanced Screening

Leverage AI to swiftly rearrange references based on relevance and conduct pre-screening via the DistillerSR AI Classifiers module, expediting reference identification.

Conflict Resolution

Automatically detects and resolves reviewer conflicts and disparities, streamlining the resolution process.

AI Validation

Enhance review thoroughness by employing AI to verify exclusion decisions and validate record categorization through the DistillerSR AI Classifiers module.

Cost-Saving Access to Full-Text Content

Maintain current literature reviews seamlessly with our DistillerSR's direct interfaces to full-text repositories, effectively reducing subscription expenditures.

Accessible Open Access Links

Automate discovery and upload of full-text materials from PMC, establishing direct source connections via DOI.org.

Compliant Bulk Search

Access full-text articles cost-effectively using Article Galaxy, ensuring compliance with copyright regulations.

On-Demand Document Access

Utilize existing subscriptions to RightFind and Article Galaxy, incorporate the open-access Unpaywall plugin, and access internal libraries for compliant document retrieval.

Effortless yet Robust Data-Extraction

Streamline data extraction using templates and adaptable forms. Simplify extraction with validations and computations within forms, effortlessly capturing intricate and recurring datasets.

Inter-Review Data Integration

Eliminate redundant efforts within your organization and expedite data extraction with DistillerSR's CuratorCR, enabling seamless data reuse across multiple literature reviews.

Streamlined Complex Data Capture

Effortlessly capture intricate data, such as varied time points across diverse studies, in a comprehensible format for seamless analysis.

Intelligent Form Solutions

Simplify data cleaning, conversion, and precise metric computations during literature reviews with input validations and built-in form computations.

Automated and Adaptable Reporting

Accelerate research and streamline audit processes using DistillerSR's adaptable reporting tool, automated email dispatches, and comprehensive audit log. Instantly generate bibliographies, result summaries, and descriptive tables while maintaining data provenance.

Tailored Reporting System

Craft reports and schedule automatic updates for stakeholders, integrating your data seamlessly with third-party reporting tools and databases via the DistillerSR API.

Automated Report Generation

Access, modify, and download standardized reports like the PRISMA 2020 diagram, inter-rater reliability scores, and administrative reports for your literature reviews.

Extensive Audit Trail

Automatically track every entry and decision, ensuring transparency and reproducibility throughout your literature review process.

Easy Management of Literature Review Projects

Simplify project oversight during the literature review cycle with live user and project metric tracking, reusable settings, and detailed user access controls.

Live User and Project Statistics

Track team progress and review status in real-time, enhancing supervision and quality management across projects.

Reusable, Adaptable Workflows

Reuse established setups and reports by designing templates for forms, reports, or entire projects that align with your protocol specifications.

Protected Literature Reviews

Single sign-on (SSO) and fully customizable user roles and access rights streamline the reviewer's experience while guaranteeing data integrity and safeguarding security.

Reasons To Choose Our Reviewing Software

Accelerated Research Delivery

Dramatically reduce your overall literature review times by 35%-50%, automating every stage of the process and saving critical time and resources.

Proven AI Capabilities

Employed by leading research teams in both public and private sectors, Global Quality's AI seamlessly assimilates into every facet of the literature review workflow.

100% Configurable

Facilitates various workflows, protocols, and teams across industries with fully customizable processes tailored to match your flexible operations.


Monitors the entirety of each search, every citation, all modifications, and every data cell comprehensively, ensuring your review is audit ready.

Scalable & Secure

Backs over 500 Thousand references per project, presenting the industry's most scalable and heavily safeguarded platform.


SOC-2 Certified and GDPR-compliant, boasting an uptime of 99.9995%.

Unlock Exclusive Rates for Academia, Corporate, and Government Sectors